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Satisfying My Need To Hunt

I’m an avid outdoorsman, I can’t get enough of it, so much so that I can honestly say I am addicted to outdoor hunting sports and feel like I’ve never wasted a dime of money or a minute of time on them. If I’m not hunting or fishing my thoughts are, “ I wish I was out there in God’s wonderful creation marveling at everything in it.” 

That's the reason I invented the Water Walker. I'd hurt my knee and surgery was unavoidable. I knew if my knee was hurting me on solid ground, it was going to be excruciating trying to pull my leg out the mud with every step while I was hunting, but I didn’t want to miss a day of my hunting season. My problem made me think of all of the ex-hunters out there who had been forced to stop simply because it hurt too much. It occurred to me that, much as a walker helps people with problems walk on solid ground, a similar approach might be useful in the water.If you could transfer some of your weight to your upper body and use it to improve balance as you walked, it just might be a solution

The Water Walker I designed does just that. The buoyancy allows the user to use their arms to reduce the weight on their feet while providing a stable platform that prevents falls  Even with my bum knee, I found that the Water Walker kept me from sinking into the mud and weeds. I could avoid "holes" and deadfalls, allowing me to set decoys in the dark early hours of the morning and navigate all the spots I wanted to with ease. A few months after the surgery my knee was completely healed and I was able to do whatever I wanted but you know what I discovered? The Water Walker made hunting so much easier to walk through marshes with confidence, carry my equipment, load and unload in easily myself in my truck, that I could never be without it again.

That's why I decided to start making them for others. If it helps someone to be able to have the same confidence and excitement about being to hunt in areas they may have given up on, I will be thrilled. Others including trappers, rescue personnel, handicapped folks may also experience the ability to get out and enjoy the hobbies and sports they love.

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