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Whats the Water Walker Good For?

The Water Walker is lightweight and flexible. That means it can be used for almost any activity that puts you on the water or in a marshy area. Here a a few of the activities users have shared with us.


Duck Hunting 

Decoys, Gear & Blind? 

The Water Walker makes it very easy to haul decoys wherever they need to be. You avoid fumbling with awkward loose decoys and gear, because it all piles neatly on the deck of the Water Walker. Maneuvering is easy, allowing you to set the pattern you want fast. It puts all the tools & containers you need within easy reach and allows you to be thorough as you make short work of the messiest task. 

With the addition of blind material, the Water Walker is the perfect blind. You and your buddy have a dry place to sit comfortably while waiting go the perfect shot. 



Water Walker is perfect for fishing!

You know that perfect fishing hole? The one with no boat ramp, lots of cover and almost no fishing pressure? The Water Walker makes it easy to get right to it. The entire Water Walker is lightweight and easily balanced for nearly effortless carrying right to the water's edge.

Once you're in the water, you can sit comfortably and put your feet up by inserting boards across the opening. Or, for even greater comfort, the Water Walker can be fitted with a molded bucket seat.

There's plenty of room for your cooler and tackle box, too.

It is also perfect for those hard-to-reach areas. 



Trapping certainly has its rewards, but slogging through thick, spongy swamp is not one of the more appealing. Checking a trapline is, at best, tedious and, at its worst, pretty darned dangerous. The Water Walker takes a lot of the work out of the task by making it easier to walk, but that's just where the good stuff starts!

The Water Walker provides a steady working surface above the water line, making it far easier to make any needed adjustments or repairs. Molded insets accommodate things like a tackle or tool box, buckets and anything else that might weigh you down as you make your way. You can even tow a molded tub or small boat behind, if there's going to be a lot to carry!

When it comes to overall stability, the Water Walker's high buoyancy and integrated handles let you transfer as much of your weight as is needed to your arms and shoulders as you walk. That means you can avoid sinking into the much and, when you come across tangled roots or a downed tree branch, you're less likely to trip.

Tending Traplines Just Got Faster, Easier and Safer.


 Water Walker Makes Surveys, Research and Resource Management Easier!

There's nothing easy about working in hip-deep water all day. Add a slippery bottom and brisk current and the simplest task can become a major chore. Water Walker makes things a lot easier.

Water Walker improves your stability in a swift current or when the footing is less than secure. It allows you to transfer some of your weight to your arms and shoulders, much like a regular walker might on dry land. But that's only one of the benefits Water Walker users will realize.

The Water Walker is sufficiently buoyant to serve as a personal flotation device. Bridge the opening in the "U" shape with a short board and you have a comfortable seat out of the water. Water Walker also features several molded-in features that make it easy to carry an array of gear, a paddle, a bin, a bucket...anything you might need, but would rather not have to carry!

Check out the pictures below from a recent Iowa DNR river survey and you'll see just how handy the Water Walker can be.



The best photos are taken up close and Water Walker gets you there.

To get the best shots, you've got to get in where the wildlife lives. To get great shots of waterfowl and wildlife that live in the swamp takes a lot of work. Water Walker makes things a lot easier. It makes it easier to walk through uncertain terrain by providing an anchor point with hand-holds that make it easy to adjust your center of gravity and keep your balance. Water Walker also lends a hand when it comes to carrying your equipment by providing places to secure bins or buckets to keep things high and dry. Once you're in place, it also provides a useful working platform as well as a place to sit far more comfortably than any alternative.


Water Walker makes it easy to explore.

Everyone knows that the most interesting places are those few people can explore. Places far off the beaten path, usually with a fair number of obstacles to keep folks like you out. If the obstacles are wet, marshy lands, Water Walker is your ticket to discovery. Water Walker makes a walk through the swamp like a walk through the park. Heck, it will even help out by carrying a few things!

Whether you're working to be a good steward of the land you manage or simply want to see what's out there, Water Walker makes a hard trek easy!

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