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Mudbob introduces the Water Walker for use in duck hunting, fishing, trapping, surveying, photography and exploring. 


What is a Water Walker?

The Water Walker is a lightweight floating platform designed to provide stability and support when you are walking through shallow water with uncertain footing. By grasping its handles as you are positioned in the open part of the Water Walker's "U" shape, you gain stability and can transfer much, if not all, of your weight to your arms, shoulders and the Water Walker. This means you can walk lightly on a mucky bottom without sinking in to your knees. It means that you can avoid tripping over fallen, submerged timber. It also means that you can continue to hunt, even if your legs, knees or hips are injured or otherwise impaired.  Place your gun, gear, dog or young hunter on the front and navigate hands free.

With the addition of a seat, the Water Walker also becomes a personal raft that can be used as a one-person fishing platform, a diving platform, a super deluxe river raft or whatever your imagination can think up!

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