Water Walker as rescue device

Water Walker Is Great For Water Rescues!

When we saw how flexible and easy to maneuver Water Walker was on the open water, it occurred to us that it just might be helpful in water and ice rescue situations. With the help of our local Water Rescue Team, we took the Water Walker out to see what it might do to make the job safer and easier for the rescue team, allowing a faster, gentler response.

The day's simulations taught us a great deal about what might be possible. The open end of the Water Walker made it easy to mount a back board in place, allowing the team to immobilize our "victim" without any need to hoist them into the boat. One passenger can float safely in place and, in the process, easily receive medical attention from responders in the boat.

During the day, we also discovered that the Water Walker makes a convenient and highly functional dive platform for search and rescue operations. Its size adds an element of safety above the divers without tying up a boat and the flat topside allows for storage of items when they're not immediately needed on the dive.

Our friends have also done some preliminary work using the Water Walker in ice rescue situations. The Water Walker's inherent buoyancy plus it's ability to distribute the weight of the user as it glides across the ice seemed to be useful. The handles provide a firm grip as well as a secure place to tie off any lines.

Thanks to our Muscatine County Rescue Team for this simulation...