The Versatile Water Walker Negotiates Ice & Snow Easily, Too!


Spread the weight around

Water Walker dramatically reduces the pressure per square inch by spreading the weight of its load over a large surface area without adding much weight itself. That makes it easy to glide a surprisingly large load across unsafe ice or crusty snow.


Easy to tow.

Water Walker features easy-to-grab handles and many places to tie off a line. In cold, slippery conditions, that can be important. The smooth underside of the Water Walker also glides easily, requiring less effort to move weight across unsafe surfaces.

Easy to stow.

Water Walker is surprisingly lightweight for its size. That makes it easy to carry and load. Its large, flat surfaces and regular shape combine with a compact height to make Water Walker easy to fit into crowded truck beds and emergency vehicle storage. The "U" shape provides space to store other gear, too!