Water Walker Makes Surveys, Research and Resource Management Easier!


There's nothing easy about working in hip-deep water all day. Add a slippery bottom and brisk current and the simplest task can become a major chore. Water Walker makes things a lot easier.

Water Walker improves your stability in a swift current or when the footing is less than secure. It allows you to transfer some of your weight to your arms and shoulders, much like a regular walker might on dry land. But that's only one of the benefits Water Walker users will realize.

The Water Walker is sufficiently buoyant to serve as a personal flotation device. Bridge the opening in the "U" shape with a short board and you have a comfortable seat out of the water. Water Walker also features several molded-in features that make it easy to carry an array of gear, a paddle, a bin, a bucket...anything you might need, but would rather not have to carry!

Check out the pictures below from a recent Iowa DNR river survey and you'll see just how handy the Water Walker can be.

Water Walker at the Iowa Mussel Blitz

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources conducts an annual survey on select streams to gather information about the population size, health and distribution of mussels. The three day event, called "The Iowa Mussel Blitz," involves DNR fishery biologists as well as volunteers to take physical samples from the bed of the Wapsipinicon River and other selected streams and painstakingly charts mussel statistics.

In this year's event, ten species of freshwater mussels were collected in the Wapsipinicon and 23 species in the Mississippi by nearly 70 biologists, students and volunteers. One key difference from previous years was the use of Water Walkers from Mudbob, LLC. to make the effort a bit easier.

Workers used large, framed screens to scoop and sift silt and live mussels from the bottom of the streams. Taking a good count as well as gauging the overall health of the population has proven to be a good measure of the stream's overall health as well as the health of the game fish in the stream.

Each Water Walker was outfitted with a shallow tub that the screens were dumped into, allowing the researcher to count, sort and inspect mussels while other workers recorded the findings. The tubs were chose for their ability to fit snugly into the Water Walker opening, allowing the workers to keep hands free for the work at hand. The Water Walker also aided in providing enhanced mobility, as workers were able to walk confidently regardless of the footing. When they would encounter a "hole" or the water became too deep to wade, the Water Walker made it easy to stay afloat and navigate back to wading depth.

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