Mudbob Water Walker™ Makes Many Jobs Easier!


Use Water Walker for:

  • Ice & Water Rescue
  • Diving Platform
  • Land Surveys
  • DNR work
  • Fisheries
  • Biological research

If you work in water, Water Walker makes it easier.

Mobility in waist-deep water is problematic. Without some kind of assistance, your balance is compromised because your center of gravity is much higher than you are accustomed to.That means it takes less to cause a fall... and the danger from fallling in water can vary wildly from one situation to the next. If you need tools to do our job, the problem is only worse: carrying the tools requires you to adjust your balance, and that throws things off even further. Then, if you don't have your hands free, the chances of falling are even greater.

Mudbob Water Walker gives you a stable, buoyant platform that makes is easy to keep your balance, even when the footing is treacherous. I offers a large, dry surface to carry gear, allowing you to support your weight with hands firmly placed on the molded-in rails. You enjoy greater confidence, less fatigue, and improved efficiency, whatever the task. That's why Water Walker is perfect for wildlife biologists, surveyors and any number of routine land management tasks.

Water Walker is Great in an Emergency

If you are a first responder responsible for water rescue and recovery, the Water Walker is your new best friend. It provides a visible, stable diving platform and can be used to transport gear as well as non-swimming victims of a flood or recreational boating accident.

In the winter, Water Walker is both a reliable personal flotation device and ice rescue platform. It allows the rescuer to distribute significant amounts of weight over a large area and glides easily over a frozen surface.