Tending Traplines Just Got Faster, Easier and Safer.

Trapping certainly has its rewards, but slogging through thick, spongy swamp is not one of the more appealing. Checking a trapline is, at best, tedious and, at its worst, pretty darned dangerous. The Water Walker takes a lot of the work out of the task by making it easier to walk, but that's just where the good stuff starts!

The Water Walker provides a steady working surface above the water line, making it far easier to make any needed adjustments or repairs. Molded insets accommodate things like a tackle or tool box, buckets and anything else that might weigh you down as you make your way. You can even tow a molded tub or small boat behind, if there's going to be a lot to carry!

When it comes to overall stability, the Water Walker's high buoyancy and integrated handles let you transfer as much of your weight as is needed to your arms and shoulders as you walk. That means you can avoid sinking into the much and, when you come across tangled roots or a downed tree branch, you're less likely to trip.

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