Water Walker as duck blind

The Water Walker™ is Every Duck Hunter's Best Friend.

The Water Walker Swamp Truck

Haul, Set, & Recover Decoys Faster

In addition to providing stability and better footing, the Water Walker makes it very easy to haul decoys wherever they need to be. You avoid fumbling with awkward loose decoys and gear, because it all piles neatly on the deck of the Water Walker. Maneuvering is easy, allowing you to set the pattern you want fast. You get the preliminaries out of the way and get down to the hunt in record time!

Tending duck boxes

Clean Duck Boxes, Haul Gear and More!

Not a hunting day? Well, the Water Walker is just like having your own swamp truck every day of the year. If it involves putting on waders, the Water Walker makes it easier! It puts all the tools and containers you need within easy reach and allows you to be thorough as you make short work of the messiest task.

Water Walker as duck blind

Ready to Hunt? It's a Blind!

The Water Walker isn't all work and no play. When the gear's hauled and the decoys are placed, the addition of blind material makes Water Walker the perfect duck blind! You and your best hunting buddy have a dry place to sit comfortably while waiting for the perfect shot. You've even got room for a cooler and some snacks, if you're so inclined.

Check out some pictures of the Water Walker at work...