Water Walker used outdoors for hunting, fishing and trapping

Water Walker is ideal for hunting, fishing and trapping.


Duck Hunting

The Water Walker™ makes a hard hunt easy by taking the work out of wading slippery, muddy waters. You can wade with confidence and use the Water Walker like your swamp truck to haul gear, set decoys, keep you gun high and dry... It even gives your best hunting buddy a dry place to sit between retrieves!

See Water Walker in action here.



Wish you had a way to fish the hard-to-reach spots where a regular boat can't go? With the addition of a simple seat and footrest, the Water Walker gives you a comfortable, easy-to-carry personal fishing platform, complete with paddle rest and spots for a cooler, tackle box and more. Add a full seat and you can enjoy fishing from dawn to dusk.

See the Water Walker for fishing here.




Tending a trap line is hard work. You've got gear to haul and game to tote. Water Walker handles much of the load and allows you to keep your hands free for tending and re-setting traps. The work gets done faster and more safely thanks to improved footing and stability with all the flotation you need if the going gets tough.

See Water Walker for Trapping here.