Water Walker is superior to tubes in every way!

There's nothing more fun than drifting down a lazy river on a sunny summer day. If you have a nearby stream, chances are you've joined friends, grabbed a big 'ole innertube and made a day of it.

Before you do, you know it's going to involve a few things. The tube's got to be properly inflated and, if you're bringing a cooler, that usually involves another tube. You've got to be prepared to be in the water to some degree all day, whatever the temperature. Finally, if you're bringing any other gear, you'll need some good, leak-proof plastic bags, cause there's really no good place to store stuff.


The Water Walker is the deluxe way to drift. It's always ready to go, with places for buckets or tubs to keep gear high and dry. You can rig a seat and footrest that allows you to stay dry, too, if that's what will make you comfortable. There's an ample deck for your cooler, so refreshments will be with easy reach.

If your stream is blessed with rocks and snags, the rugged, molded hull of the Water Walker isn't as likely to puncture and end the day sooner than planned. You'll get the full experience with greater comfort, more fun and far less drama.

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Water Walker is light and easy to carry!