Water Walker isn't just for work. It's for fun, too!



Wildlife Photography

Water Walker makes it easy to get the perfect waterfowl or swamp photo. If the going is treacherous and the footing is bad, count on Water Walker to get you to the perfect vantage point with all of your gear. You can rest comfortably waiting for just the right moment. Read more...

River Rafting/Tubing

If you'd like a relaxing day floating downstream, Water Walker is your best friend. You get a comfortable seat instead of a hole, plenty of room for your cooler and other gear and all the maneuverability you might ever need. Read more...


Water Walker beats a canoe because it's easier to carry and less likely to get hung up in the water. And there's no problem getting in or out quickly when the need arises. It's a whole new way to see places you've never gone! Read more...